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To best suit our customer, we offer a few different collection options:

Option 1

Day Jump

This is where the owner brings the bull in to get collected and picks him up the same day.

Option 2


If you desire to build up a semen bank on your bull we suggest that you leave him with us. This is the best way to keep him on schedule and get your order filled. Call in advance, some times of year there is a waiting list. Our boarding bulls are well taken care and often leave in better shape then what they show up to our facility in.

Option 3

Sexed Semen

Through this option we collect your bull and then send the collection to be processed at sexing technologies rather than REI. You can choose the number of straws you would like made, and of which sex you prefer; male, female, or some of both.
Following getting your bull collected, visit with us about our additional services that we can assist you with:
Storage • Shipping • Semen Sales

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